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| About Us

01 Personal Care & Attention

We provide outstanding personal care to the specific needs of you and your Furry Friend!  NO breed restrictions! Any haircut you desire is what we provide! Outstanding quality bathing, blowdrying and grooming! All our products are hypoallergenic, organic, and gluten free (including our disinfectant)! Anxiety happens and we are here to make your Furry Friend as comfortable as possible!

02 Professional Care

We are a family owned and operated establishment since 2012 with satisfaction and professional care guarenteed. We follow our Furry Friends promise with each Furry Friend that comes through our door. 

Our Guarenteed Furry Friends Promise:

We DO NOT use hot clipper blades

We DO NOT use heated cage dryers

We DO NOT put leashes, collars, leads, or nooses around the neck EVER

We Do NOT use sedatives

ALL grooms are recorded for quality assurance purposes

The Comfort of your Furry Friend is our #1 priority!

03 Grooming Benefits

Dog Grooming maintains a healthy coat and skin. It is a preventative service that keeps up on the nails, tarterbuild up, shedding, matting, clean ears, and build up of anal glands. The groomers are trained to see unusual ailments and ensure anything that is unhealthy is brought to your attention so that proper care may be seeked. 

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